April 26th 2007.

The birth of a new company

i2B was started by Rainer Streit in Wilen/Switzerland 

June 14th 2011.

Moving to a new place

June 14th 2011 we moved to Frauenfeld/Switzerland

June 17th 2014.

The journey continues

On June 17th 2014 we moved again, to our current location in Tägerwilen/Switzerland 

oCTOBER 1th 2017.

Let's make it international

Our company expanded with the foundation of i2B Hellas  in Greece  in 2017. 

april 2018.

Home sweet home

In April 2018, i2B Hellas moved to its new office in Athens/Greece. 

june 2020.

Keep growing

In June 2020, i2B Hellas moved to its current larger office in Athens/Greece.